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Hi there! Thanks for visiting our site. We're Linux4Us, a project proudly supported by HildenCo Software. We're a community of dedicated enthusiast open-source developers looking to foster, promote, teach and help people use Linux. On this page you'll learn more about our vision, mission and commitment to free/open-source software.

Our Vision

We believe that Linux is the solution for digital illiteracy due to its free, open and inclusive nature. We'd like to teach and foster Linux to as many people we can in the world. Would you like to help us? Sure! Get in touch, consider disabling your adblocker, and share our post as much as you can.

Our Mission

Foster Linux by teaching it to people around the world regardless of their class, culture, income or region.

Our Commitment to Open-Source

We are a community of volunteers totally dedicated to the expansion of free/open-source software. WE WILL DONATE PART OF OUR PROCEDURES from the revenue generated by this website (deducted the operational expenses) to serious open-source projects and independent developers, especially the most important and under-funded ones. We commit to providing periodic reports to the community on donations made with the revenues generated by this site.

We also commit in publishing our revenues and our donations to the community as soon as start them!

Reaching out

Want to reach out to us? Reach out to us on Twitter or use the contact page.

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